Joint Flex FAQs

What are Joint Supplements?

Joint supplements contain blends of ingredients that help keep joints and structures surrounding them healthy. Some joint supplements may give results on one function, or on multiple different functions and work in multiple ways. There are three different types of joint supplements: those that help with nutrition and support of joints and bones, those that help in recovery and repair of damaged joints, and those that are used as preventative measures to help stop further joint damage. 

Is it recommended to serve joint supplements along with painkillers?

This is not necessarily the case. Whether or not you should give painkillers alongside joint supplements is dependent on the specific requirements of your pet. Each pet has different needs and so all pets should not be treated the same way. Any further courses of action should only happen after you have consulted with a veterinarian about how to move forward.

Why would I need a supplement if my pet is eating a healthy, balanced diet?

Pet foods today can provide balanced nutrition, but some pets could be lacking certain nutrients or ingredients in their diet due to a medical condition, their age, or their breed. Supplements can help provide some of these nutrients to pets and promote better health.

Are pet supplements made for life-long use or should I just use them once in a while?

Some supplements may be for temporary use, to get through a condition or health issue, but many supplements can be used on a regular basis for health maintenance. 

How long until I see results from my pet supplements?

Different supplements may have different lengths of time before you see the results from them. Some supplements may only take a few days to see results, while others may not show results until after a few weeks of use. You should check with a veterinarian or the manufacturer of the supplement for expected length of time before results should appear.

Can supplements be used with other supplements and medications? 

It’s always best to check in with your veterinarian before you give your pet multiple supplements or medications concurrently. Most supplements that are food-based are safe and can be used with other supplements and medications. You should check with your veterinarian if you are concerned about giving supplements with specific medications. 

Can these supplements be used for cats?

Unfortunately, our supplements are currently only for dogs. Cats and dogs process supplements differently so it is not recommended to give your cat these supplements.