5 Tricks to Make Your Dog Think Their Supplements are Treats

5 Tricks to Make Your Dog Think Their Supplements are Treats

Any time of the year is a great time to start your dog on supplements. It should not be a scary thing. Supplements help to keep your pet healthy and looking their best for all the tricks and treats in their lives! Keeping in mind, getting your dog to take their supplements can be a daunting task, especially for those picky pups. We’ve dug up some dirt on ways to get your dog to eat their supplements!


1. Hide it in their food

This may be one of the most simple and easy options to hide your dog’s supplements and vitamins. Simply add their supplement to their food before you give it to them and they may not even notice! Be sure to mix the supplements in with the food rather than setting them on top, even if they’re chewable supplements. Hiding the supplements prevents them from simply eating around them.


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2. Wrap it up!

Make those supplements like a mummy and wrap them in your dog's favorite treats! Peanut butter, a slice of cheese, a slice of sandwich meat, or even a larger treat may help to disguise the taste of any supplements. Experiment with different foods to find your pups favorite supplement-treat combo.


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3. Sneak it in like a treat

Alternate giving your dog a treat and supplements to trick them into thinking they’re getting a lot of tasty treats. Beware, some pups may be able to figure out this trick so be sure to mix up your treat to dog supplement ratio. Try having your pup perform some tricks to work for their “treat” so their brain is somewhere else… on the task of course!


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4. Bury it in no-bake dog treats

If you make your own dog treats at home, then incorporating your dog’s supplements and vitamins in those is a great way of sneaking in the good stuff while making your treats healthier! Be sure to only use no-bake recipes to maintain the quality of the ingredients in your supplements and store them in air-tight containers. It’s best to add the dog supplements last so you can control the proper dosage per treat. 


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5. Brew a tasty stew

Does your pup need more liquid in their diet? Adding dog supplements to a tasty brew is a tasty way to get your dog the hydration they need! Use any healthy dog broth recipe, such as a chicken or bone broth recipe, and add the supplements after the liquid has cooled to maintain the quality of the supplements. Be sure to add the supplements as the last ingredient to the stew, giving them a sip of that tasty brew! 


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