Generic FAQs

How should I introduce a new supplement to my pet?
Choosing a supplement that is right for your pet’s needs is important. You don’t want to overdo it with too many supplements at once as this may cause confusion about the results or unusual reactions. You should start with one or two supplements, and then add more in if the first couple are well-tolerated by your pet. 
My pet’s a picky eater, how can I get them to take a supplement?
Some pets have particular tastes and may not love the idea of something new in their diet right away. Try putting the supplement in with their favorite treat, such as cheese or a slice of meat. You can also try putting the supplements in with their food to hide the supplement. 

Why would I need a supplement if my pet is eating a healthy, balanced diet?
Pet foods today can provide balanced nutrition, but some pets could be lacking certain nutrients or ingredients in their diet due to a medical condition, their age, or their breed. Supplements can help provide some of these nutrients to pets and promote better health.
Are human and animal supplements the same?
No, both the ingredients and dosages can vary between animals and humans for supplement usage. Also, some of the ingredients regularly used for human supplements can be toxic to animals, even if they are not toxic for human consumption. Our dog supplements have been carefully formulated to ensure they are safe and effective for your dog.
Are pet supplements made for life-long use or should I just use them once in a while?
Some dog supplements may be for temporary use, to get through a condition or health issue, but many supplements can be used on a regular basis for health maintenance. 
How long until I see results from my pet supplements?
Different dog supplements may have different lengths of time before you see the results from them. Some supplements may only take a few days to see results, while others may not show results until after a few weeks of use. Regular use will help ensure that the supplements have time to take effect in your dog's body.
Are pet supplements suitable for both dogs and cats?
Our pet supplements are meant for dogs only. Cats and dogs have different bodies, metabolism rates, and dietary requirements, meaning that they need a different formula.  

Can Supplements Be Harmful? 
Too much of anything, even something that is normally healthy, can be a bad thing for your pet. It is also important to keep in mind that what is beneficial for one animal might not be beneficial for another. If your dog is on multiple medications or on prescribed supplements, check with your veterinarian before starting any other supplements.
Can supplements be used with other supplements and medications? 
It’s always best to check in with your veterinarian before you give your pet multiple supplements or medications concurrently. Most supplements that are food-based are safe and can be used with other supplements and medications. You should check with your veterinarian if you are concerned about giving supplements with specific medications.