Omega Shine FAQs

Why does my pet need a skin and coat supplement?

A pet’s skin and coat can be affected by many different things, causing balding, itching, dry skin or another skin issue. It is important to go see a veterinarian, to make sure you can get a diagnosis and eliminate health issues that would worsen without proper treatment. In most cases, a skin and coat supplement can be great to use in addition to medications or treatments given to you by a veterinarian. If you choose the right supplement, a skin and coat supplement cna provide relief from itchiness, restore the pet’s coat, and even help with regrowth of lost fur. There are many different supplements that have different formulas and therefore will have different effects for your pet, depending on the ingredients of each supplement.

How often should I give my pet a skin and coat supplement?

This is something that will be different depending on which particular supplement you are using with your pet. It will also depend on how severe the symptoms your dog has are, and whether the supplement is a chew, powder, or oil. It’s best to make sure you read the label on the supplement carefully, to make sure you know how often it should be given to your dog. Most supplements will recommend giving it to your pet every day, to ensure that your pet is getting the full benefit from the product.

Why would I need a supplement if my pet is eating a healthy, balanced diet?

Pet foods today can provide balanced nutrition, but some pets could be lacking certain nutrients or ingredients in their diet due to a medical condition, their age, or their breed. Supplements can help provide some of these nutrients to pets and promote better health.

Are pet supplements made for life-long use or should I just use them once in a while?

Some supplements may be for temporary use, to get through a condition or health issue, but many supplements can be used on a regular basis for health maintenance. 

How long until I see results from my pet supplements?

Different supplements may have different lengths of time before you see the results from them. Some supplements may only take a few days to see results, while others may not show results until after a few weeks of use. You should check with a veterinarian or the manufacturer of the supplement for expected length of time before results should appear.

Can supplements be used with other supplements and medications? 

It’s always best to check in with your veterinarian before you give your pet multiple supplements or medications concurrently. Most supplements that are food-based are safe and can be used with other supplements and medications. You should check with your veterinarian if you are concerned about giving supplements with specific medications. 

Can these supplements be used for cats?

Unfortunately, our supplements are currently only for dogs. Cats and dogs process supplements differently so it is not recommended to give your cat these supplements.